jobs vs freelancing

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Hi there

This is the first Article in English I am writing and Publishing on my blog

about Jobs vs freelancing

hope you like it and have your comments from your side in below “comments section”

my Name is Jassim , you can find more information about me at the end of this post.

well, I will talk about “jobs and freelancer”, this is not a copied from anywhere.  So please forgive me if you found any English Mistakes on this post.

Jobs VS freelancing

you’re probably studying or finished your study level “BS, etc”

and your main objective “traditional think and common is looking for a job with a monthly salary and 8 hours daily”

and in first of all you will have a job search issue and maybe cost you time till found the right job ..

this is not wrong thought actually especially if you are ok and comfortable.

but what about to be your “boss” and work at any time you want. You are the boss and your time belongs to you, with a better income?

This is called a freelancing “and you would be a freelancer“. this can be done through the internet

types of services you could provide or sell as a freelancer

you should learn something or develop yourself at something, “app programmer, designer and make provide your services through websites such as khamsat (for Arab People) and earn multi of dollars.

this thought or way is about to be more famous on Arab World but not as much as the western world (CHECK freelancer )

the time is money, as you know

just google of what you like to learn – and you will find, don’t be lazy.

this post to be updated very soon, and add more resources about this topic.

invest your money to learn something you love, gain certificates in the field you love “such as app programmer.”

any cent you spend to learn something is not a waste, it’s investment and not cost you could consider




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